Your Bedroom Light Can Influence Your Mood For Sex

sex-in-bedroom Believe it or not light plays a very crucial role on your mood. Lack of natural light is linked with depression. Apart from influencing mood lighting enhances our focus.

Considering the importance of light in sexual urge, you must follow some simple tips on how to adjust lighting in your bedroom before having an erotic encounter.

Spare some time in experimentation of various lighting set ups for lovemaking. Every space can give you a different experience. So, spare some time in determining which light can be best suited to your room for having sexual encounter. While choosing the appropriate light you must also take into consideration the height of the ceiling, the position of furniture and shape of walls.

Take into consideration the type of sexual mood that you want to get into while choosing light. Your choice about the lights can determine whether you are surrounded by a club-like or titillating brothel-like atmosphere.

Take into consideration the dimmers while choosing the light for sex. You can place them on overhead lights.

Avoid using fluorescent when it comes to choosing light for sex. The mercury in fluorescent lights is a toxin which can diminish your sexual desire. In addition to this fluorescent light becomes unstable through rapid flickering. In many people it can cause headache.

Consider light on specific places or points instead of illuminating the entire room. It would be better if you have arranged some localized points of light

Use desk lamp to play around. Reading lights can also be useful. You can ensure beauty of your room by arranging illumination of some particular points of focus through light. This technique can be useful not only in drawing attention towards the portions of the room but also cover the junk-filled corners.

Make lighting arrangement from the side so that it can highlight and project the shape of the body.

Place lamps in such a way that they can lead to creation of beautiful shadows on the walls. You can get beautiful patterns by focusing light at the wall through colorful glasses.

Moreover place the lights in such a position that can ensure larger than life projection of moving shadows of both you as well as your partner on the walls.  Moving shadows can certainly set moods of both of you.