Yoga For Your Body

Ancient Hindu regime of exercise is yoga. Yoga is a regenerative, recuperative and refreshing package of exercise that not only supports the body but also builds that sensitive symmetry of mind, body and soul. It starts with a prayer attracting all the universal powers to harmonise and focus the mind and body when working out.Yoga starts with breathing exercises cleansing the nose, abdomen and tongue.

The other exercises that follow are stretching asana. These asanas make the spine and the nerves flexible. They also provide the fresh oxygen to the nerves and cells. Apart from these even the hormonal glands start secreting reaching their optimum level. Feminine problems like irregular menses, ovulation and thyroid etc are said to be mysteriously solved by yoga.

Apart from this, yoga increases concentration and calms the mind, decreasing the stress level. It provides immunity by freeing the body of toxic free radicals. The Pranayaam and Chaini kriya cleans the bryophial tract and tonsils. Poor diet and stimulation of glands causes skin problems. Yoga helps in giving you beautiful body, skin and health as it removes excess sugar from your body.

Yoga changes your mental and emotional attitude. The breathing exercises calm the mind providing it its vital strength. All the other asana activate all the neurons, nascent as well as subtle. It makes your stiff nerves and connective tissues flexible. Flexible people have great immunity, sleep better are very athletic and health as well.

Yoga has very many benefits. It helps you in your digestion and it also makes you feel hungry after one hour long exercises especially after Surya Namaskar. It makes you sleeping, eating and working pattern disciplined. It aligns your body with your mind that is yoga or Union all about.

Yoga also builds muscles providing them strength and increases blood circulation by providing oxygen (deep breathing exercises). It can also cure spondialysis and cervical ailments. It is a natural cure for back ache and leg ache. The more said is less. Benefits can be reaped only when we dedicate our self to this non-mechanic natural regime that holistically benefits our mind, body and soul.