Wood Furniture Care

wood-furniture-care Taking good care of your wooden furniture’s, which may have been passed to you, from your parents or grand parents is not a difficult task. With little care and using common sense you can ensure the longevity of these valued treasures. Here are some ways following which you can well maintain your furniture.

Your hardwood furniture needs proper temperature to maintain its longevity. So to protect them from humidity you need a humidifier during winter season and an air conditioner during summer season.

Don’t place your furniture just besides the fire place, or in front of the radiator.

If your room gets direct sunlight, don’t expose your hard wood furniture for a long period of time to the direct sunlight. Draw the curtains time to time to keep them attractive.

Cleaning of hardwood furniture

With little effort and care you can retain the natural beauty of your hardwood furniture. First of all go through the manufacturer’s care tips and apply them when needed. You can easily clean these costly furniture with non-alkaline soap which are mild using a damp cloth or sponge. But before using this solution try it on the section which is not visible. When you are sure that the solution will not damage the finishing of the furniture then only try it on the surface.

To maintain the natural beauty of your hardwood furniture, waxing and polishing are needed occasionally. After every six months or a year you can apply a paste of wax, after removing the old wax from the surface of the furniture using mild soap and water. Protect them from dust while waxing them.

Repairing hardwood furniture

Minor damage to these furniture can be repaired with proper material but major repair or refinishing must be done with taking help from professionals. Minor scratches can be filled with shoe police that matches the shade of your furniture

Stain removal

There are countless ways to remove stain from your furniture but before trying any method try it is some small area of the furniture, to make sure, the stain remover is not damaging your furniture’s finish.

Water marks on your furniture can be removed by rubbing salad oil, white tooth paste or mayonnaise. After some time wipe it out with dry cloth and apply wax or polish. White marks on your furniture can be removed, rubbing cigarette ashes or lemon juice. Milk stain or alcohol stain can be removed rubbing ammonia using a dampened cloth. Repeat the same process of waxing and polishing after removing the stain.

Proper handing of your hardwood furniture will help you to maintain their beauty.