Women Under Stress Out of Dual Roles

The modern educated woman dreams to have a home as well a career of her own and financial independence. Gone are the days when work used to be strictly divided between the sexes; not expected in the least that interchange of work and duties can be done among the sexes. This is the age to share work among both the sexes. Work is no longer perceived to be the cup of tea of particular people or sectors of the society.

A woman having both home and a career to tend for has to be extra diligent in spacing her schedule to be available for both. A working mother is the one who might be under constant stress to give herself to her family, child and also to her work.

She may many times come under the grip of guilt feeling for not being able to give herself to her baby as much a not working mother can do. She may compare her childhood to that of her baby’s. But one can get the assurance that just by following few simple tips she can easily give herself in the best way to her children as well as to her work and yet much out of stress.

Though there are divided opinions about the stress of working women; some believe financial independence and self esteem help them mentally while others believe that the work load and the dual roles take much toll on them. Yet, stress or no stress, healthy tips are always helpful.

Prioritization, setting a time schedule for more important tasks up in the hierarchy help reducing tension as one can mentally calculate how and when to do the tasks. One also needs to recognize the possible stressors and try to delegate such tasks to others.

Asking for help from the spouse is not a bad idea. One must also keep some time apart just for herself to pursue hobbies. Relaxation exercises, deep breathing and having a social support system through friends and good relatives do wonders!

Another important thing is to spend quality time with the children for however short while that might be. Read stories, be a friend, take interest in their lives, involve them in the daily household work, eat together, communicate and also play and dance together. Life won’t be difficult once one learns the tricks of juggling.