Why You Lost Your Girl

Men like to believe that they have their woman where they want her. They tend to take their woman for granted once they have won her. They think that women are as uncomplicated as they are, and try and treat them the way they would like to be treated. This is when you have lost your woman.

Women have needs which are very different from men. You need to understand that first, and then keeping your woman happy will not be so difficult at all.

Women do not like to say everything. They want you to read between the lines and try and go a step further. If a man says he does not want something he means just that. Catch a woman say that, and she wants you to ask her just a few more times before she says yes reluctantly. She could kill to have it deep inside her.

Women want to talk. They can never get enough of it. Talk to your woman, and show her you really are interested in what she has to say. Women like to be heard, and want to know their opinion matters. No one wants to be just a trophy girlfriend or wife anymore. Give her that respect.

Women just never need space. They want to share every second, every inch of space with their man. They can never have enough of being held, caressed and pampered. Even if it is killing you, and you can not wait to turn the other way, spend a few minutes holding your girl till she drifts off to bed. You are sure to come away a winner.

Women love surprises. They want to see the unexpected. They love things being sprung on them. Go that extra mile and make the effort to do something special for your woman. She will feel wanted and loved. You have won your browny points and can smuggle an evening with the boys if you are lucky!

Buckle up, and brace yourself to take on woman in new ways. Show her you can be the man she is looking for, and she is yours for keeps.