Why Should You Have A Healthy Weight?

lose-weight-300x300 Due to some disadvantages of urban life and sedentary lifestyle, obesity is gradually becoming the gruesome global health problem. In fact, maintenance of healthy weight has taken the shape of a serious global concern.  

The problem of obesity not only spoils the body curves and makes a person look odd; they also augment the problems related to your health. It is often seen that the problem of diabetes, heart diseases, bone-diseases, malfunctioning of hormones, hypertension, and hyper-cholesterol problems are linked with obesity and obese people are prone to adapt these lifestyle disease more than their slimmer counterparts. Maintaining a healthy weight can be considered to be the foundation of good health, which can act as a great natural prevention for some of the fatal diseases to a large extent.

Maintaining healthy weight is neither a problem nor a constraint to enjoy life to the fullest. The two simplest ways to attain healthy body weight is proper diet plan and regular adequate exercise schedule.

There are many fad diet plans that are available in the market with excellent promotional tricks for their products. These plans are not only dangerous to follow but also hard to maintain because these crash diets-plans spoil the healthy immunity balance of the body and cause the entire health system to perish.

On contrary, the ideal diet plan is the combination of balanced proportion of protein, fats and carbohydrates that helps to maintain a good immune system on a consistent basis and can be followed in the long run to have better health.

Regular exercise helps to shed off the extra intake of calories and keeps a person healthy and fit all through his/her life. Exercise regimen should be planned meticulously as per the age and health condition of a particular person. If it is not possible to attend gym, you can indulge in brisk walking as well as swimming or jogging at your rooftop to maintain your daily exercise plan.

A diligent adherence to these two golden rules will result in getting a healthy body weight proportionate to your age and height.