Why Do You Feel Embarrassed When Your Kid Misbehaves In Public?

misbehaving-children It is really surprising that when our children throw tantrums and go out of control at home then we try to teach them kindly while if similar things happen in public, we feel embarrassed and rather try to curb their actions by threatening them. Are we adopting double standards? Or it is the framework of our society that howsoever clumsy our home atmosphere be, we would always keep an outer layer of sophistication in out attitude.

Since we are adults, we know how to behave in public. But children can’t distinguish between public and private places because their sole purpose is to have fun and keep playing. This is the reason when we take our children to hospital, library or any such place where everyone is expected to maintain silence, our children would certainly try to break the rule and create noise by their activities and asking too many questions.

Meanwhile, the expression of the people around us evidently indicates that we must take some severe action against our children to stop them. To avoid such circumstances, let us go through following tips which could help us not to treat our children rudely but instead handle them prudently.

Anticipate your kid’s movements

Usually, your kid will become demanding in public and if his voice would be ignored then he will start misbehaving. Don’t get irritated by his attitude. Tell him lovingly that you will fulfill his genuine demands but he would have to promise be a good child.

What to do when your kid suddenly starts crying?

When your kid abruptly starts crying or screaming in public place, you wonder why is he behaving in that manner when you had brought him to have fun. But before fretting, try to figure out the reason first. Possibly the place may be new for your kid or he didn’t like it when he came with you last time. It is also possible that he is not feeling well or is scared by the strangers around him.

Let your kid be mentally prepared that he is going out

Normally, when you take your kid outside, you don’t give him time to prepare mentally about it. You do everything in haste from dressing him to keeping his water bottle, snacks and other necessary items but you clearly ignore his mood. And consequently your kid will keep on bothering you publicly.

So, first see whether he has just woken up or is engrossed in his playing activities and then gently ask him would he like to go somewhere to have more fun. If he nods then tell him the about the plan or else try to convince him delicately.

Yogesh Mishra