Why Do Kids Refuse To Accept Changes Readily?

play-with-your-kid When you play with your kid, he feels exulted. In fact, he considers you like a friend while playing until you ask him to break the rhythm because of high time. And you don’t even have to wait for the consequence of your instruction as your kid will immediately begin to cry or protest angrily. But why does he feel irritated in spite of getting ample time to play?

It is because he doesn’t like any change, especially if it is in the form of order from your end. On the contrary, if he feels fatigued after playing for a long time, he would himself stop and come to you. So, you would have to make your child flexible according to changes without hurting him. This practice will enable him become adaptable in any circumstance in his future.

First you must understand that every time is right time to teach your kid. So, you are never late in your decision. However, if you do it earlier, it would be better for your kid. Make sure, your kid may not feel dominated and imposed by your thoughts while you interact with him. Instead, the significant information you want to give him should reach to him be in a friendly manner.

If your child is engrossed in any activity, tell him in advance that in next few moments, new activity will begin. Such information helps children to mentally prepare that they would have to wrap up their existing activity and go for the fresh one. This exercise also reduces the chances of your child’s resistance to the change.

Still, if your child throws tantrum then assure him that there are so many funny activities to be done and they would certainly be more enjoyable than the previous one.

Sometimes, your child may complain that you deter him from doing too many things. At that moment, warmly ask him to express all his feelings instead of ignoring him. And you may even discover that at some instances, you are wrong. Accept your faults without hesitation because your intentional denial to any wrongdoing will shatter your kid. This is how he will also learn to be humble, polite and flexible.

Yogesh Mishra