What Your Man Hides From You

married-life However much your guy may be in love with you, however you may trust him with his honesty, there will always be certain things that he will hide from you. In fact be it a guy or a girl, some such things should always be hidden from your partner. One should never be such an open book to reveal the inside out. You should always have your own personal life which should be very private to you. Some of the things that guys hide from their girlfriends are:

Their passwords: Men always want to keep a certain amount of privacy with their girlfriends. They hardly let them know about their e-mail or bank passwords. If your guy loves you dearly, he will always think about things that might disturb you or try to hide those things from you for which they are not too sure of your reaction.

Problems at their office: For a man, what his girlfriend thinks of him is his prime importance. He would never let you know problems that he is facing in his office which might make you shake your opinion about him. He always wants his girlfriend to consider him as a man of great pride and dignity, who’s well respected at his office.

Family problems: Some men do have families out of the box. The parents could be divorcee or the younger brother could have been in jail, etc. Men would hide such things from their girl certainly because to read a girl’s mind is next to impossible and he never knows when he might be compared to his brother or father or just be ditched.

His funny friends: Many girls have problems pertaining to their guys’ friendships.
Even though his friends may be silly or ones who look at girls with weird speculations, for him friendship is of prime importance and he would always try to hide the real side of his friends from his girl.

Hiding these things is quite a normal scenario. You shouldn’t let your relation get spoiled because of these things creeping in. However, they were just a scenario being presented for you to be cautious.