What To Expect With Labor Induction

Being labor induced means that the process of labor is brought on by using medications. There can be various reasons for medically inducing the mother; either the baby is past the due date or the pregnancy has become complicated at the last stage.

Some women develop high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, gestational diabetes or even preeclampsia towards the end of the pregnancy. In such cases doctors prefer induced labor rather than natural labor. Majority women are induced because they go well past their due date in which case the health and life of both the mother and the baby is put at risk.

In such cases the baby overgrows struggling for space within the womb. The baby might not receive sufficient nutrition from the mother.

The process of induction begins with a medicine being injected in the vagina. The medication works by softening and ripening the cervix. As the cervix softens and ripens it readies itself for contractions. After this the mother receives another medication through an IV. This medication is given to kick start contractions. The dosage of medicine is gradually increased until regular and strong contractions set in.

Doctors induce labor in only exceptional cases as there are risks associated with it. There have been cases where inducing labor has brought on very strong contractions making breathing and labor difficult. In cases where labor induction medicines do not work women are at a risk of developing uterine infection.

In some instances inducing labor might result in placental abruption. In such cases the placenta tears itself from the uterus before time. The uterus transfers blood to placenta which in turn provides the baby with oxygen to breathe and nutrients to sustain on. Once the placenta detaches itself there are chances of the baby losing life.

Oxytocin, the medication used for causing contractions can decrease the baby’s heart rate and even lower the oxygen supply in the womb. The umbilical cord might skip into the vagina and outside leading to delivery complications.

The decision to induce labor in a pregnant woman depends on a number of factors including the mother and child’s health. A doctor will induce labor only when it is not happening at a normal pace. It is important to take into consideration the baby’s in-utero development. But not inducing can also put the mother and child’s life at risk.