What Sex Can Tell You About Your Partner

Sex is more than a physical act to satisfy urges. When you make love to a steady partner, it means a lot more to both people. This is an act which increases the intimacy, comfort level, and also trust that a couple has in one another. It is an unspoken commitment of love and companionship that is wished to be shared.

Often, both people do not expect the same thing from the relationship. The man and woman may look for completely different ends to come out of the relationship. Sex may also mean very different things for both partners. Here is what your man is thinking when he has sex with you.

All by himself:

there are men who believe sex is only centred around them. The whole act of arousal and satisfaction seems to begin and end with them. The other partner is only a means to reach their state of satisfaction. If your partner cannot look beyond his member, you need to gauge what he is looking for. If the sex is all for him to get worked up, you need to check which way you are heading.

Only to please you:

Men can also play smart, and look for ways to just make their woman happy. This is a very good thing as far as you are concerned, but if you want your partner to stay in this for a while, spare your sex a thought. Men who are all out to please their woman are often insincere. They find little pleasure in it for themselves, and so make do with keeping the woman happy. If you are in this truly, and want something meaningful, you would surely want your man to have some happiness to share with you.

Two to tango:

If your man is looking for ways to be happy, and wants to take you with him, this is a great chance to let yourself go. This is the perfect situation. Great sex can only be enjoyed when both people want the same thing, and are willing to be in the moment with one another.