What Is Ear Infection?

ear-infection Ear is one of the vital parts of human body, that is responsible for two main functions – hearing and stability. An ear comprises three parts-inner, middle and outer.  Ear infection is a type of inflammation caused by external otitis and otitis media. Infection in one part of the ear may soon spread to two other parts.

External otitis usually follows cold or flue and may sometimes occur after upper respiratory infection. The external otitis leads to inflammation and pain in the area from eardrum to the outer part of ear and sometimes it may result in fever.

Otitis media affects the inner portion of eardrum and also in all the small bones. The auditory tube in the ear running towards the back portion of the nasal cavity starts regulating the air pressure with the entry of bacteria or virus into the area leading to inflammation in different parts and acute pain in the ear associated with fever.

The inflammation, if not controlled, can cause perforation in eardrum which in turn may result in hearing impairment and fluid discharge although it may let all pressure to go out and relieve pain.

The ear infection caused by otitis media can be commonly found in infants because of the position in which they are held during feeding which allows bacteria to enter and develop into the auditory tube.

What are home remedies?

Use air wash in form of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is considered as a natural antibiotic which can also be taken orally.

Your immune system which is vital element to fight infection will become stronger if you take Vitamin C.

You can use zinc to reduce air infection.

You can take alcohol-free Echinacea in case you have just started feeling ear infection.

Prepare a mixture of lobelia and garlic oil and then pour some of its drops into the ear and then close it with the use of cotton. Soon you will get relief from pain. In case you don’t have garlic oil you can use olive oil to blend with lobelia.

If your ear turns reddish and hot and gives you pain particularly as a result of exposure to cold atmosphere, you would better use a homeopathic medicine called Aconite.

Take chamomilla in case the pain in ear is intolerable and cheek in the side of the affected ear turns red.

Take hepar sulph in case of pulsating pain in the area near the infected ear and it becomes painful to touch.

Yogesh Mishra