What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

erectiledysfunction Erectile dysfunction is characterized by incapability of a man to get or keep up penile erection even as he becomes sexually excited and aroused.

Although erectile dysfunction commonly affects older men, yet it is likely to occur in men at any age. There is no cause for worry in case of occasional erectile dysfunction. However, if erectile dysfunction is ongoing it can lead to tension and stress besides creating relationship problems and affecting self-esteem.

Erectile dysfunction which was previously described as impotence was earlier considered as a prohibited topic. It was also considered as an outcome of psychological factors or natural effect of aging.

However, with latest studies experts have begun to realize that erectile dysfunction is also not an outcome of psychological factors alone; rather it is also associated with physical factors. The logic behind considering it as physical problem is that normal penile erection can well be maintained in octogenarians as well.

A person having erectile dysfunction may be hesitant or feel embarrassed to talk about sexual issues with his doctor. But seeking medical treatment or advice can be beneficial in restoration of normal function of this important sexual organ in men.

The treatment may range from medications to surgery that can help restore normal and firm erection of penis.

Sometimes underlying medical conditions such as heart ailments can cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore it is essential to take serious note of this problem.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction was once considered as psychological consequence. Though thoughts and emotional factors may crucial role in penile erection, yet several health conditions or illness and may affect normal sexual function of penis. Erectile dysfunction may also occur as side effect of medication. Therefore, physical factors also play a role in penile erection.

Heart ailment, obstruction of blood vessels (called atherosclerosis), diabetes and obesity are some of the conditions that may lead to erectile dysfunction.
Obese man or those with high blood pressure or metabolic syndrome are also likely to have problem of erection.

Use of tobacco, consumption of alcohol and specific medications may cause erectile dysfunction.

Treatments for prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease may also increase the chance for erectile dysfunction.

Depression, anxiety, tension and fatigue are some of the psychological factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction.