Ways To Quit Cigarette Smoking

smoking Kicking the habit of cigarette smoking is not actually as difficult as it seems to be. Studies have shown that it is your resolve and motivation that helps you to quit smoking. Don’t get frustrated if you fail for the first time. Try again and again till you succeed.

You will certainly succeed in sticking to your resolution if you remind yourself about the grave risk that a smoker poses to his health and the benefits you will receive after quitting this habit.

First of all make a conscious effort by making a list of all things you like about smoking and things you don’t. You will be motivated to see that the list why you don’t like smoking is longer than why you like it.

Think of the people around you who have quit smoking and are living a healthy life. Remind yourself again and again about the ill effects of smoking, that is, lung cancer and coronary heart diseases are caused due to excessive smoking. Medical science has recognized that smoking not only harms but also kills. This reason is enough to quit smoking.

During the initial few days, you will feel restless. Handle it by switching to some nicotine alternative available in the market.  With passing time with your strong motivation, you will be able to reduce smoking day after day and shortly you will find you can live without it. And you will also be amazed to see the changes that your health front shows after just 20 minutes of quitting cigarettes. First of all, you will notice that your blood pressure and pulse rate has become regular with normalcy in temperature in your hands and feet.

Think about the health benefits you will enjoy after giving up smoking. Take the help of your nearest one who can lend you support in quitting this unhealthy habit. Whenever you will be able to resist yourself to smoke, you will be appreciated by them and this appreciation in turn will inspire you all the more to quit smoking.

When taking a break at work, you may feel a strong urge to smoke. Keep yourself busy by talking to your non-smoking co-workers or indulge yourself in solving crossword puzzle or simply play carom which will keep your hands and mind busy. These things will occupy you and you will not be tempted to smoke.

Smoking is an incredibly expensive habit. Test yourself how much you save by quitting. By smoking at home you are posing a threat to the infants and children. So you must do a conscious effort to give up smoking.