Ways To Decorate Your Study

Your study or office is your workplace. It is where you have your own space, and freedom. This is also a place which you can keep clean despite the mess in the rest of the house from the little children.

There are many ways to do up a study, but most often studies are done in a conservative fashion. This is not a place where you reflect colors and eclectic designs.

When you design your study, it is best to use wooden shades and finishes. They look elegant ad timeless. This also gives a more serious, sophisticated look to the room.

Start by planning the different essentials in the room. You will need to make room for your computer, printer and fax machine. Any other essentials must also be arranged for. Make your work area comfortable and stylish. Make sure the chair you get for our study is very comfortable and can support the body well. Avoid getting the regular office chairs. Get something a little more imposing and stylish instead.

It is very nice to have a wooden panel running along the wall. This could be your library, if you have a collection of books which you would like to display. It gives a beautiful, enchanting atmosphere to the room. You could also have a single seater in the room, which could make your time reading very comfortable.

The lighting in the room should not be too bright, but must at the same time be sufficient to allow you to work without a strain. Make sure that lighting is centered around the work area, with little lighting on the other parts.

Paintings are very good for the study. If you have a classic look for the study, go for beautiful sceneries, or even any collector’s pieces. Avoid using too much modern art in this kind of study, as it will clash.

It is a good idea to put roman blinds in your study. This will give you more light as and when you need it. Having wooden flooring in your study would give it a more cosy and natural look. You will enjoy spending time there.