Water Sports – A World of Options

water-sports Water Sports is the new buzz word among those who can afford it. This form of sport requires specialized equipment and hence is very expensive. Available at most beach resorts, water sports is a kind of recreation for water lovers. Exploring the seas on jet skis or scooters is for those who enjoy the thrill of water and have no fear. There are various water sports depending upon the type of adventure desired.

Water Scooters

As the name suggests, these are scooters that zip through the water, creating a huge spray at the back. Usually a scooter seats two persons, which could be one instructor and one passenger, or alternatively, two paasengers if they are trained in handling such a scooter.

Wind Surfing

A pre requisite for wind surfing are ‘wind’ and ‘surf’. This form of sport involves a surf board with a sail whereby a person can ride the surf on a surfboard. This sport requires extreme balance and technique, and must be learned from skilled instructors.

Jet Ski

This is akin to skiing on snow slopes with the exception that the skiing is done on water. The person’s feet are strapped onto skis and he/she is given a rope to gold. The other end of the rope is tied to a speed boat and as the boat darts across the water, it pulls the skier, who then skims the water on his/her kis. This sport is only for those who do not fear water as many dunkings happen, until the skier has learnt the technique.

Banana Boat

This is a water sport that everyone can indulge in. This is a raft that is shaped like a banana and seats 5-6 persons. Each person is given a life jacket to wear (in case they losse grip and topple ionto the water) and have to hold assigned handles tightly. The banana boat is then pulled across the water by a speed boat.

Whichever water sport is opted for, wearing safety jackets is advisable. Most water sport opertaors provide the required gear and safety equipment.