Washing Your Hair: Few Tips On it

Washing hair seems to be an easy job. But you may be surprised to listen that if you do not know the right method of washing you may damage your hair.

So you should know the right method of washing of hair to add health and life to it.

Before washing your hair first comb your hair intensely to remove tangles. After that pour water on hair and make it wet. Dilute little amount of shampoo in water. After that apply that diluted shampoo on the front portion of the hair and gradually go to the back portion of the hair.

Do not neglect scalp. Scalp is the place where oil and dirt began to accumulate. So if you do not remove them in time they will be accumulated there and the result is different types of skin infection among which dandruff is the most common infection. Take a handful of diluted shampoo and rub gently on the hair. After that wash your hair with water.

Repeat the whole process once again.  One wash is not enough if you are an inhabitant of urban area because pollution is at very high level in urban area. Do not use extreme hot or cold water on your hair because they remove the natural oil of the hair and make them rough, dull and drab.

Washing hair properly is very much necessary. Use your finger and enough water to remove last drop of shampoo from the hair and scalp. If you do not wash them properly the chemicals that remains on the hair gear up different types of hair problems.

Using hair conditioner is necessary especially when your shampoo does not contain conditioner. Conditioner always should be applied on wet hair because on dry hair conditioner does not spread uniformly. Apply conditioner from the lowest part of the hair and gradually go forward towards front head. Take a little amount of conditioner on your palm.

Apply uniformly on both palm and then with the help of it apply it. After that wash your hair again with plain water.  Take a soft cloth to wipe water. When your hair is almost dry, comb or brush your hair. Do not comb or brush your wet hair because it may loosen the hair root.