Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians In the world two types of human beings are found. One group is vegetarian and other group is non vegetarian. From the name it suggests that vegetarians are those who consume only vegetables and natural sources of food.Whereas non vegetarians are those who consume plant and animal sources both. Since a long period this has been a matter of discussion that whether milk and eggs should be taken under the group of vegetarians or not. Besides this the vegetarians are divided into three groups. These are lacto-ovo vegetarians, lacto vegetarians and vegans.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians are those who do not eat non-veg but eat eggs and milk. Lacto vegetarians are those people who eat vegetables, milk and milk products but do not eat eggs. The last but not the least group of vegetarians is the vegans group, which are the typical one. This group of vegetarians neither drinks milk nor eat eggs. Even dairy products and honey are also not allowed in this group.

Vegetarians Also Gain Weight It is not the matter of confusion that only non vegetarians gain weight and vegetarians are out of danger of becoming fatty. Non vegetarians as their diet is full of fatty substances so there are more chances of fats deposition in them. Vegetarians diet do not contain meat, fish or chicken which are the high sources of fats, so there are less chances of gaining weight by the vegetarians. But after all it depends upon the vegetarians that how much and what they eat. So vegetarians are also under the risk of gaining weight.

Vegetarians Prevent Weight Gaining The rules for losing weight are same for both the vegetarians and non vegetarians. Vegetarians if consuming more oil daily can have increased level of cholesterol in their blood. Eating out of proportion can also lead to obesity. It might be possible that vegetarian is already suffering from any disease which leads to weight gaining. No exercise at all is a leading cause of weight gaining.

More intakes of calories in vegetarians’ diet and less burning of these calories also leads to gain weight in vegetarians too, as these unused calories convert into fats and get stored into the body resulting in weight gaining. So vegetarians do not stay relaxed and accept the fact that you can also gain weight so take such diet which will allow you to gain weight at all.