Values That Will Keep Your Child Away From Drugs And Fights

chewing-tobacco Your child is at an age where a thin invisible line is drawn between the good, bad and ugly. He has to be watched, monitored, guided and provided with good values where he can decide on his own what is right and what is not. And he must be in your comfort zone where he can look up to you for solutions to problems he may face in his life.

He must have that ease in his mind to think that he can approach you for any remedy to perplexed situation in his life. Find out if you are approachable to him. Instill some values so that you do not have to repent at a later stage.

Television: Keep a track of what is he watching on television. Encourage him to watch laughter shows, light comedy, informative series, technology based programs and likes. Sit and laugh with him watching television programs and Tom & Jerry type of cartoons.

Internet: You must monitor his browsing pattern on the net and equip him with values to search for information and knowledge. He can have fun, of course, but must not adopt bad vibes from the net.

Lyrics: Also, see what kind of lyrics he listens to. Is he enjoying seriously the lyrics that promote the use of drugs, fight, alcohol etc.?

Studies: Keep track of his academic performance to see if he is leaning towards good things or bad. And if he can understand the definition of moral values while gaining knowledge in his school.

Time Together: Always spend time together with your child. Sing and hum a song with him whenever you find time.

Be Informed: Know where is he going and what is he doing in his free time. Find out what his friend circle consists of.

Trust: Develop the trust of your child in you, so that, he gains the confidence to share things with you whenever and wherever needed.

Responsibility: Give him responsibilities that he can manage and give him deadlines to complete it.

Adulation: Praise him when he does good things for himself or for the family. Try to admire him in front of outsiders, especially, when you know that he might overhear you about his admiration.