Useful Home Remedies

herbal-remedies-300x241 Importance of home remedies to sustain good health needs no overemphasis. Here are some home remedies to maintain your health and home as a whole.

We know good food habits help maintain good health.  We know good sleep contributes to enjoy good health.  But the problem lies in the fact that at times we are sub-conscious to these factors and at times oblivion. Our being just conscious about these small factors will act as important home remedies vis-à-vis our health. To add to good food habits and good sleep as important food remedies, we can adopt the following also:

As a first step, we should have a first-aid box in the house for urgent medical needs. It can have tablets for headache/stomach; ointments for skin allergy; and bandage/cotton/spirit for minor injuries. A stitch in time saves nine.  In case of any minor health problem like headache/stomachache/minor injury, don’t rush to a doctor.  Just go in for home remedies first by making proper use of first-aid box.

Have fire extinguishers in the house to overcome emergencies against fire. In case of minor fire in the house, don’t get panicky. Take help of family members or neighbors and try to control it yourself and call in the fire brigade only in real emergency. If you don’t find any relief at all for 24 hrs, then go to a doctor.

One should have friendly and lovable relationship in the family for general health care and remedies like sharing work to avoid overburdening any individual. This lovable relationship acts as a spontaneous reactor to one’s needs and keeps one away from many diseases.  About 200,000 of people in USA annually suffer from light heart disease.  Only lovable and affectionate family relationship will go a long way to offer cure for such a disease, which may not even be noticed in normal circumstances.

Being conscious of the importance of home remedies and with an urge to go in for the same will certainly minimize our visits to a doctor.