Unrequited Love – Being The Recipient Of Unwanted Love

It feels good when people like you and appreciate you. But it often becomes a bother when someone expresses his love for you for whom you do not harbor similar feelings.

So, how to handle such a situation or how to reject the love of that person without causing much of a mess? Know more about it here.

Being in a situation where you receive love from someone who does not romantically interest you can give you quite a headache. Who the person is and how you react to his love also carries a lot of importance. If not handled in the right manner, it can even bring disturbances in your life.

Many times it so happens that once you reject the love interest of someone, he starts bothering you by sending you innumerable text messages, phone calls etc. In such a case, you need to be really strict so that he does not pester you any more. Make yourself clear to him and let him know that you do not have any interest in him. If he further irritates or bothers you, you can take strict action against him.

Dealing with a person who is bothering you is probably easier than the one who is hurt and low at your rejection. Mostly, this happens when the person is a good friend of yours or your office colleague or someone whom you know quite well and have a regular contact with. You must deal with him in a very delicate way.

Don’t be rude to him during or after the rejection. Explain to him politely why you can’t involve yourself romantically with him. Chances are he will only hear you but will not be in a position to understand you.

Thereafter, you need to cut off all contact from him for some time. Give him some time to get over the matter and the pain of your rejection. The more he sees or hears you the more it will be painful and difficult for him to come to terms with the truth.

Once he accepts the matter and comes to terms with his emotions, it will show clearly in his way of speaking and behaving with you. Don’t avoid or distance him then. Try to be normal with him but avoid being too close or too friendly which may renew his hope and feelings for you.