Types of Massage Tables

All massage therapies are carried out on a massage table. Hence massage table is an imperative tool without which a massage session remains incomplete. You can find a variety of massage tables  in the market from which you can choose one which satisfies your need. Purchasing an apt massage table not only gives comfort to the customer but also the therapist feels at ease.

There are mainly three types of massage tables: portable, stationary and electric lift massage tables.

Portable massage tables are robust, compact and light in weight. These tables are useful for the therapists who have their own home salons or beauty spas. Portable message tables are reasonably priced and you can easily move them from one place to another.

Stationary massage tables are quite pricey and stronger as compared to portable massage tables. Stationary massage tables are suitable for therapists who do not move very often from their place. Hence these tables are perfect for fixed places like in medical spas or treatment salons.

Electric massage tables are user-friendly massage tables.  These tables have push buttons on them which allows the therapist to adjust the message table according to his/her requirement.

Electric massage tables work on electric lift mechanism.

Before choosing a suitable massage table some important things which you should consider are: type of massage, massage accessories, table specification (height, width and length) etc.

Since there are different massage tables for different types of massage, therefore before buying a massage table you should know what type of massage you will be giving to your customer.

Some important massage accessories which are essential with massage tables are: bolsters, warmers, headrests, cushions, carrying case, upholstery, pregnancy accommodations and adjustable rests for the arms, feet and face.

The last thing is up keep of your massage table so that it lasts long. Clean your massage table with a good table cleaner, water or a gentle soap. Check the legs, table frame, connections and braces of your massage table routinely, to ensure that they are in nice condition in order to avoid accidents. Cover the massage table with table sheets to avoid marks from massage oils.

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