Trip to MasaI Mara, The Wild Destination

Masai Mara National Park with its vast expanse of savannah grasslands offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the forestry and the spectacular wildlife vistas is a major international tourist attraction.

The scintillating open Savannah landscape is situated within the Great Rift Valley in South Western Kenya bordering Tanzania.

It rests at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea levels.

Masai Mara is the home of the densest population of wildlife in the world.
The famous ‘big five’ or ‘ African Grand Slam’,  which is considered by big game hunters to be the world’s most dangerous big game to hunt on foot are all to be found in Masai Mara, along with hyenas, jackals, ‘bat eared fox’ and cheetahs, etc.

The ‘trophy big five’ to be found are the ferocious African lion, African elephant, the stealthy and deadly leopards, the endangered species of rare black  rhinoceros (which is an endangered species now),  and the majestic African Cape Buffalo.

The herbivorous population consists of millions of wildebeests, antelopes, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, hartebeests, impalas, etc., and 450 vibrant different species of birds such as vultures, marabou storks, long crested eagles, pygmy falcons, and lilac-breasted rollers etc.

The ‘Great Migration’ that takes place in Masai Mara during the month of July is one of the world’s most dramatic natural wonder. During the perched summer of July a vast ensemble of herbivores running into millions migrates towards the North in search of fresh water and greener pastures returning back South around October every year.

An incredible number of estimated 1.3 million wildebeests,3 million gazelles, 1.9 million zebras, and other herbivores migrate following the annual travel route. Hot on their heels are the predators preying upon the easy mass of traveling kills. A spectacular sight of nature at its phenomenal grandiose, Masai Mara is a must visit for nature and wild life loving tourists.

The best time to visit would be between July and October. Tourists have an option of taking the safari package tour in vehicles where they can watch the wild life from closest quarters. A pride of lion finishing their latest bloody kill or the lightening fast leopard stalking the gazelle or the antelope for a kill or coming across a herd of majestic African elephants are common experiences to be expected.