Top 5 Appetite Suppressants

eat-apple-300x2611 The one problem haunting most of the men and women today is the problem of their consistently increasing weight. Indeed, weight loss is a difficult task especially when the hunger forces you to eat whatever is available irrespective of the calorie count of the food item. As time progresses, the more you lose weight, you will have all the more hunger levels which will certainly prevent the fat loss. Therefore you must have knowledge about the food items that have the ability to suppress appetite naturally. Here are top 5 appetite suppressants:

1.) Oatmeal: One of the best cereals that you could ever come across is oatmeal. It contains the maximum amount of fiber which is more than enough to hold your hunger for the entire morning. It is very low in sugars so be sure that it won’t leave you with a blood sugar crash.

2.) Flaxseeds: One of the most popular ways of getting the essential fatty acids remains to be flaxseeds. They offer a great dose of soluble fiber to the body. You can simple sprinkle these flaxseeds over your yogurt and you can provide your body with some good low digesting fats along with proteins.

3.) Apple: Apples provide as much as 5 grams of fiber per serving. It helps in filling the stomach. Apples also help prevent constipation. Thus the saying goes very well, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and well much more than that.

4.) Chicken and Vegetable Soup: It is always advisable to start your meal with appetizers so that you end up eating less than required. Soups are great appetizers that help in suppressing hunger. Chicken soup provides proteins which help to curb hunger for a longer time and vegetable soup is very filling in itself.

5.) Water: We all know that our bodies are composed of 70% water therefore we need to keep supplying our bodies with enough amount of water to keep it hydrated. If the body is well hydrated, we won’t confuse thirst for hunger and avoid eating up more than required.