Tooth Whitening

tooth-whitening An attractive smile always includes two lines of white sparkling teeth. However, everyone is not fortunate to have those assets. Still, there is a way out to get back white teeth. In modern dentistry, it’s called tooth whitening or tooth bleaching.

Generally, teeth get darker with age as and when the pores cease to exist in the enamel. There are also other reasons like tobacco consumption, bacterial pigmentation and deposition of food stuff responsible for teeth getting stained. Whatever may be the reason, tooth whitening can help you regain the whiteness for your teeth.

Tooth whitening is a process, which uses oxidizing agents to make teeth whiter. However, this process will not give whiteness to your teeth permanently. It’s only for a certain period of time. However, teeth might come back to the earlier stage within a very short span of time with cigarette smoking, tobacco consumption.

Tooth whitening is usually done under the consultation of a dentist. They usually use powerful oxidizing agent to make the teeth white. During this process, gums are usually protected from such oxidizing agents in various ways, which risk of burning the soft tissues in gum. Apart from this teeth whitening process to be performed by a dentist, one can do it at home for himself as well.

These days, mouth guard strips containing oxidizing agents in lesser amount, are available in the market. Those strips should be used for several hours for a period of five to fourteen days and eventually they would give the result. However, it’s always advisable to do tooth whitening at a dentist, as it has the risk of harming gums.

Tooth bleaching can cause you some side effect like chemical burn and rebound effect. Rebound effect is- the bleached tooth getting stained faster again. Many dentists also advise not to go for tooth whitening again and again, which can weaken the gum.