Tips To Wean Your Child Successfully Off Junk Food

addicatedjunkfood Kids love to eat junk foods. And we all know that junk foods have very less nutritional value and contains high amount of fat and sugar which can lead them to many health problem like becoming obese, heart disease and diabetes with growing age.

To cut out the junk food and wean your child successfully off junk food, the whole family has to come together and change their eating habits.

Here are some ways following which you can restrict your child from eating junk foods.

Family Meal

Try to eat together, dinner and breakfast, if not lunch possible. Serve lot of fruit and vegetables and cereals in very attractive and decorative way in your family meals. Cook the dishes in new ways. You can learn such cooking by watching programs that teaches healthy low fat cooking techniques. Create a pleasant atmosphere during meal time by conversing and pampering your child. They will take interest in eating.

Praise Your Kids

Children watch so many fast food advertisements in TV that they naturally get attracted towards them. So praise them whenever they try to it healthy food.


Treat your children with healthy recipes from all over the world occasionally in good restaurant. When they will find so many tasty options, they may go off to choose junk food.

Give Responsibility

Take help of your children in making shopping least of foods and encourage them to plan and cook healthy food.

Control Fussy eating

If your child refuses to eat vegetables, make some healthy junk food by blending lot of vegetables and other healthy ingredients. Kids running after junk foods will enjoy home made pizzas, burgers and roasted chickens etc.

The best time to serve healthy food to your child is, when the child comes back hungry from school. Keep colorful plate of mixed fruit and salad on the table to attract him. Don’t keep any junk food in your freeze and cup boards. Instead of processed food and high sugar soft drinks, keep some healthy snacks and drinks like dry fruits, shakes etc. Don’t ban snacks completely. Because growing children need lot of energy which they get from in between meals.

Teach Your Kids

Teach children the importance of healthy food and tell them the disadvantage of junk foods.

Become an example yourself for your child. Eat healthy and stay active. Your child will definitely follow your steps.