Tips To Take Care Of Your Gold Ornaments

Gold is an expensive and pure metal which has enchanted both men and women form the times immemorial. People especially women like to boast with their collection of gold jewelry. Gold in the jewelry form is the most beautiful thing. Like silver gold does not get tarnished, but it gets dirty easily. If you do not take the proper care of your gold jewelry it will loose its shine and will look like other cheap metal like bronze. This article will help you to take the proper care of the gold jewelry.

Gold is a soft metal and so there is a tendency to get scratched. So keep your gold jewelry always in separate store so that it may not get hart by other jewelry. Do not jumble your jewelry in a box or drawer. Use separate box or packet to keep each ornament separately.

Take special care of gem studded gold jewelry. Before wearing your jewelry check whether it is alright and after coming back home when you are going to restoring it, again check them.

Always wear ornament at the end of your dressing up. The chemicals that are used in powder, foundation of perfume snatches the shine and original color of the gold. So wear your jewelry at last after applying all those things. After using it, do not send your jewelry directly in your jewelry box. Take a soft cloth to wipe the chemicals of your cosmetics and the sweat of the body because these things make your gold jewelry black.

In the time of bathing, remove your gold jewelry from your body because the chemicals, used in soap and shampoo may make your gold black. While doing all the domestic work such as washing, dusting, gardening, etc. remove your gold ornaments from your body because they may get hurt and the dirt may accumulate in the corner and among the intricate design of the gold. Do not bring your gold jewelry in contact of water too much. Store it in clean and dry place. Be sure that your gold ornament is perfectly dry in time of storing.

Inspite of taking all the care if your gold ornament gets dirty, you may clean it at home. There is various ornament cleaning chemicals, available in the market. They may bring instant shine, but are harmful in the long run. Better take some mild shampoo and mix it with water. Soak those gold ornaments in the soapy water for an hour.

Then with the help of soft brush try to rub out the grease. Turmeric water also is very effective to clean the gold ornaments at home. Take some turmeric powder and mix it in the water. Soak your ornaments in that water overnight. Whatever may be your cleaning material, you should wash your ornaments with the help of plain and clean water at last.

You can also boil your gold ornament in a container full of soapy water to remove soap, grease and dirt that accumulate on the jewelry in long use. But be sure to make it dry. If you have costly gem studded gold jewelry, check their fitting every alternate year by the professionals.

Just follow these tips and enjoy wearing your gold ornaments.