Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

hairfall There are different reasons for hair fall. Hormonal imbalance, improper hair care or improper diet are the measure cause of hair loss. Hair fall in men are mostly due to hereditary causes while women looses her hair due to many reasons like child birth, menopause, use of contraceptive pills or hormonal changes. Some times women damage their hair by using harsh hair dyes and hair conditioning product or by styling hair in improper way. Besides this modern life style, where people are very much stressed and due to lack of time indulge in improper eating habits cause hair to fall. So revitalized our hair, a healthy life style and healthy diet is required.

Diet to prevent hair fall

To prevent hair fall our diet must include proteins, minerals and vitamins. To get these we should include lots of fruit, vegetables and milk in our diet. To get natural shine in your hair eat yoghurt, cottage cheese, coconut, green leafy vegetables, meat, fish, egg and salad. These foods will not bring shine but also prevent hair fall by strengthening your hair. To reduce hair fall further, drink plenty of water at least 7/8 glass per day, fruit juice and herbal tea.


For growth and regeneration of your hair exercise is necessary. Through exercise blood is circulated and supply of healthy blood reaches the cells which helps to nourish the hair and control hair fall.

After bathing massage your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes with coconut oil to increase blood circulation and strengthen the scalp.


Use Coconut milk and Aloe vera gel on your hair and scalp and let it remain for ½ an hour. Use warm water to wash it off. Follow this process three times a week.

Mixture of honey and egg yolk is another effective measure which can be used for massage of scalp and hair to prevent hair loss.

Almond oil massage 2 to 3 times a day can prevent hair loss.

To enhance the growth of your hair, rinse your hair mixing tea liquor and vinegar.

Use of herbal shampoo to wash your hair can increase the volume of hair.

Make a paste grinding lime seeds and black pepper and apply it on your scalp for a month and see the difference.

Make a paste of honey, cinnamon powder and olive oil. Apply the paste on scalp and leave for 15 minutes and then wash. Continuing this process will help to grow new hair.

A little care and effort can get you rid of hair fall and you would not be upset any more.