Tips To Fight Bad-Body Odor

Bad body odor is perhaps one of the worst things that an individual has to deal with. A person might be decked-head to toe, but a filthy-smelling body is the ultimate turn-off. Well-perfumed personality is one of the most pleasing aspects in any individual, leading to instant impression.

However, while the rest of us might not have to smell bad at all times, there are the others who are born foul smelling. The good news is that with a few tips and tricks, you can combat bad body-odor and solve the problem to a large extend.

One of the foremost solutions to a bad body-odor is to eat-right. What you eat is what your body ultimately reflects in its consistency. Your diet should include the right quantity of fiber, whole grains, wheat and soy products.

Optimum amounts of greens and low quantity of processed foods is the key to deal with bad body odor. Sweat and urine contribute to the foul-smell, so be sure to drink loads of water at all times as water dilutes both. What you wear is also responsible to a large extend to how you smell.

Wearing pure cotton clothes that are of lighter-shade help reflect the sun-rays, thus cooling the body. Next, comes the personal hygiene and healthcare. Washing under-garments regularly helps fight body-odor, also be sure to avoid polyester fabrics. Wear garments that quickly absorb sweat, as this is the prime cause of a bad odor.

Your lifestyle also plays an important part in how good or bad you smell. Be sure to maintain regular showers and personal hygiene routines. Adding a teaspoon of Alum to your daily bath bucket is a good idea to deal with bad-odor. A nice anti-bacterial soap is often a solution for those over-charged sweat-glands, helping you deal with regular sweat.

Twice a day bathing ritual is good for those of you who have to deal with heavy duty office-work. A nice shower after indulging in heavy sports is compulsory, as it washes-off the dust, sweat and grime. For you ladies, nothing works better than a nice aroma-bath scented with rose, lavender or sandalwood. So, get going and start scrubbing the right way for that sweet smelling you.

Urshit Tahir