Tips On Eyebrow Plucking

pluckingeyebrows Do you think that eyebrow plucking can be done by anyone? Before you say something let me tell you that it is a kind of art. Yes, this art and skill of eyebrow plucking could be achieved by anyone through good vision and creativity.

Don’t just start plucking the hair. Wait and watch yourself in a mirror first. Have a clear vision about your facial anatomy and the natural shape of your eyebrows. Now, think whether the natural brows line suits your face or you need to create a different shape for the face.

If you are satisfied with the natural shape then eyebrow plucking becomes easier. Here, you just have to pluck the hair, which are going outside the natural line. While plucking hair, it is always advisable to stretch out the skin as much as possible.

For those, who want to give an altogether different shape to their eyebrows, you have to create a sense of symmetry. Whatever the shape you choose, always remember that brows towards the nose should be thicker and gradually it should be thinner towards ear. To get this perfectly done, in each one or two minutes look at your eyebrows to see whether you are moving in the right direction.

Irrespective of maintaining and following all the above tips and steps, if you are not holding a pair of good tweezers then you are in a mess. Make sure that tweezers you have chosen, is sharp enough along with uniformly pointed heads. The best way to judge the effective tweezers is to try to pluck one or two hair from the hand first before plucking hair from brows.

After plucking, if you find redness or irritation in the skin then use some astringent or wet tea bags on those areas. Immediately, you will get the soothing effect.