Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Contact Lens Wearers Today more and more people are moving to contact lenses from spectacles wearing because they have realized the advantages of being contact lenses wearer. But new users some times find certain difficulties in wearing them. Here are some valuable tips which will make wearing contact lenses more comfortable and a bit easier.

You need to be little tricky to ease the process and wear them. The first and foremost thing to remember when you are using contact lenses is that, you should not wear them for longer period than prescribed. It can cause irritation in your eyes if you ignore this suggestion.

There are plenty of solutions available in the market, but you should use the solution recommended by your optician only because different lenses need different types of solution. Never use home mad solution, saliva or tap water to clean your lenses.

Rules to follow

Before touching your lenses wash your hands properly with anti-septic soap and water. Take care that the solution for your contact lenses does not get contaminated.

Wear your contact lenses before putting on makeup. Take care to wash your hand before touching your lenses, to avoid any oil, cream or lotion to transfer into your lenses. Avoid using eye liner on your eyes while wearing contact lenses. You can only use eye makeup on the lashes that are away from your eyes with great caution, and use eye makeup remover to remove eye make up. Then wash your hands, dry them and then only remove your lenses. Don’t use old eye makeup, because bacteria can get into the product and cause eye infection. It is better to avoid using eye makeup while wearing lenses because they can bump into the lenses. So remove them before taking your makeup off.

A question that new users of contact lenses bear in their minds is – how they might know that their lenses are inside out. The answer is simple. Before placing them on their eyes, they must observe that it looks just like a half ball. When you hold the lens with your finger it will form the shape of cup.

How To Wear Contact Lenses

•    Always wear the lenses on the same eye first, and then there will be no chances of mixing up lenses for the right or left eye.

•    Shake your lens case gently to loosen the contact lens, which usually sticks with the case. Don’t pull it with your finger. It might get damaged.

•    Place the lens in your palm and rinse it properly with the recommended solution thoroughly.

•    Now place the lens on the tip of your middle finger. Using finger and thumb of your other hand hold on your upper eyelid and lower eyelid and insert the lens, looking upward.

•    Roll on and blink the eyes to settle the lens.

Removing Contact Lens

Wash your hands. Look upward and using a finger, pull down lower eyelid. Gently pinch the lens with thumb and lift it off. Keep your nails clipped to avoid scratching, until you become expert in removing them.

These simple tips can help you to wear and remove contact lens, safely and comfortably.