The Magic of a Love Letter

In this day and age of speedy communications, short messages and electronic mail, writing letters seems to have died out. People suddenly seem to have forgotten what their handwriting looks like, and cannot ideate until they have a cursor blinking before them.

While we have become so advanced and evolved, somewhere, our communication seems to become more superficial, and less personal.

The magic of writing a love letter can never fade, or be recreated by anything else. It is something which is permanent, and also makes you hope that your relationship will be too.

Love letters are great tools for communication, and you will see that they make a much  make a better impact. There are also so many things that you can do with a letter which you cannot do with any other modern device. So, although your email may reach much faster than a letter would, you can never send a scented email.

When writing a love letter, spend some time thinking out what you want to communicate. You do not need to be a writer, all you need to do is be genuine and write what you feel honestly. If you do not have the flair for writing, do not quote songs, poems and sonnets, it will not come across effectively.

If you do have a flair for writing, you can put in a poem that she loves, or better still, something you wrote yourself. Make sure that you have something special to say. You can add some pressed flowers, a fragrance, or even some little stickers to make it look better.

If you have something special to show, like a handkerchief that you have preserved, or a mat that you have managed to take away from a restaurant that you both went to, you can write your letter on it. This will make a stronger impact.

When writing a love letter, let down your guard. You are writing a letter to communicate what you find it difficult to say. Let down your guard and be honest and open. If you are clear and genuine, you should be able to win her heart easily, and forever.