The Harmful Effects of Painkillers

harmful-effects-of-painkill Researchers have shown that the people who take pain killers particularly acetaminophen and ibuprofen regularly develop the risk of high blood pressure. These medicines are commonly used because these can be purchased without prescription over the counter.

Over the counter and prescription pain killers are used improperly and most of the people are ignorant about their side effects. It is important to create awareness among general public about the adverse effect of frequent use of pain killers. People generally take these tablets for aches and pain, for fever, headaches and coughs and colds. Most people are not aware of the potential danger and side effects of these drugs and consume these drugs without consulting any doctor. To help prevent unnecessary complications from pain killers there should be intervention and awareness campaign.

Most drugs are consumed to get some degree of pain relief caused by arthritis, back pain, and migraine headache. They undoubtedly bring relief to the patient from unbearable pain but the patient completely forgets that these drugs can bring different overlooked consequences.

Those who use these painkillers off and on experience side effects such as stomach pain, ulcers and internal bleeding. Although long-term use of these anti-inflammatory drugs can provide pain relief to the patient, but there is a potential danger and risk of gastrointestinal problems. Long- term use of these drugs is causing more and more hospitalization and death each year.

Many consumers do not know that pain medication can destroy body’s natural defense power against illness. Studies show that, common people do not consider aspirin as a drug, and consume them as if they are taking vitamins. They are unaware of the fact that, long term use of aspirin in high dose can increase the risk of developing peptic ulcer.

Aspirin can cause excessive bleeding during child birth. Many doctors refrain their patients from taking aspirin, particularly those who are suffering with serious liver disease, vitamin K deficiency and kidney malfunction or blood clotting disorder. Not only this aspirin causes allergic reaction like breathing problem, rashes, low blood pressure to many people.