Teach your short-tempered teen to remain cool in every situation

Teach your short-tempered teen With increasing work pressure and stressful lifestyles, more and more people are now showing inclination to learn the art of controlling temper, especially during adverse conditions, because either they had incurred heavy loss due to their short-tempered attitude in the past or they fear their behavior would ruin their professional and social reputation. But if your teenager has become short-tempered and can’t remain cool when anything happens against his desires then it becomes your responsibility to change his behavior or else, after a couple of years, he will become an arrogant, stubborn and peevish adult.

Tell your child that he can easily control his anger by remaining aware about his activities and practicing few methods given below:

Safe mode of expressing anger

For the first weeks, just observe the moments when your teenager gets angry. See how he behaves with the people interacting with him at that time. Note down whether he reacts rudely or simply ignores the person who wants to talk to him when he is very angry. Then, sit with your child and tell him how he deals with people during adverse conditions. Ask him not to interact with anybody when he is feeling irritated and to quickly take out a notebook and write down how he is feeling at that time. This is how your child would not only be able to release his anger in a safer mode but meanwhile his entire attention would shift towards writing his negative feelings and the person interacting with him won’t have to face his wrath.

How your teenager can shift his mind towards other activity

Usually, when we feel angry, we forget everything for a couple of moments. We don’t even remember our important works which we are supposed to finish by the end of the particular day. But during angry moments, if we will think of our significant works, then we would surely be able to save our energy for better purpose. Similarly, tell your teen to make his daily routine schedule so that he could ensure all his essential pending works get completed before his set deadlines. Then ask him to keep a small list of his pending works which he should see when he feels angry so that he could instantly start thinking about constructive things.

Mental exercise

Inspire your child to do yoga or meditation so that he could have better control over his senses. If he will regularly do meditation for a couple of minutes by alienating himself from the outer world, he would find out a great change in his attitude and behavior. At the same time, he would also learn to control his temper in every situation.

Yogesh Mishra