Teach Your Child About Road Safety

road-safety Children need to be independent in today’s era. Just like their parents, they also lead an extremely busy lifestyle. It is not always possible for today’s parents to accompany them wherever they go. Hence, it is important to instill in them a sense of confidence in every walks of their life. With so much traffic on the roads, it becomes essential to teach your children about street safety. Here are a few simple ways of doing so:

Tell your child not to talk to strangers. Teach them to demarcate between people whom they know and whom they do not. Educate them to stay away from strangers, who would try act in a friendly manner.

Teach your children how to cross a road safely. First of all, tell them the importance of zebra-crossing and the fact that they should only cross a road from there. Ask them to look on both sides of the street twice before crossing the road. They should cross the road only when the traffic stops, and the green light comes out.

Children should not run while crossing the road. They might fall down leading to fatal accidents.

Tutor your child that they should never play on roads, even the road is deserted.

Ask your kid to cross in a big group, instead of crossing alone. Tell your child that in case he/she needs to cross a busy main road, he/she can also ask the fellow walkers to help him/her cross the road.

Before leaving your child alone on the streets, take him/her out a couple of times. If he/she has to travel a certain route every day, then take him/her through that route every day for about a week. Let the child get accustomed to that road. Also remember to teach your kid, the landmarks to identify crossings and turnings like turn from the ice cream parlor and so on. After a couple of times, the child is sure to get the hang of it.