Stopping Late Night Snack Craving

food-cravings-at-night Many of us feel hungry in the middle of the night even if we have had a proper dinner in the evening. We often feel a desperate urge to snack late in the night. You might have woken up in the night with an uncontrollable craving for food. If you think that it is something uncommon and not many people feel that way, you are wrong. Having late night cravings for snacks is quite common and can be overcome quite easily as well. Here as certain simple tips to stop late night snack cravings in no time.

Don’t Watch TV

Watching TV before bedtime makes it a lot harder to avoid the temptation to snack late in the night. This is because most shows and commercials in TV show someone eating something delicious.

Drink Tea

You can have a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea before bedtime to fill your stomach with something warm as well as healthy without adding any calories.

Chew Gum

Many times people feed themselves just because they feel like they should be chewing something. To counter this, sugar free gum is the best possible solution.

Keep Food Out of Sight

Having food within your range of sight can be a recipe for disaster. If you have munchies, chocolates or salted nuts anywhere in your sight, it will be extremely difficult to avoid the temptation to eat them. So always store them out of sight.

Drink Water

Often mistake thirst for hunger. A glass of water can provide the body with what it wanted. So whenever you feel the urge to snack, have a glass of water and you will get rid of that urge.

Do Some Activity

Boredom is one of the main factors that drive people towards eating. Keep yourself occupied with a game, a book or any other activity that you like. So keep your busy till the time you go to sleep to avoid cravings for food.