Speed Dating – All That You Need To Know

Speed dating is an interesting and new concept of dating. It’s a sort of matchmaking process wherein a large number of people gather with the purpose of finding a partner for themselves. If you want to know more speed dating, then read on.

In speed dating, you meet or date a number of men or women within a stipulated time of an hour or so. There is time set for each date, i.e., you can not sit with one person for more than the fixed, pre-decided time set by the organizers. Mostly the time set for each date is kept for a few minutes, which may be as less as 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

Once that time is over, the organizer bells a ring or gives some other sort of indication that you need to move to the next participant. So, basically, the participants meet each other in a rotating form. People in such events are grouped as per their age, orientation or other compatibility factors necessary for finding the right partner.

In speed dating, a participant doesn’t give the feedback of the dates to the men or women they have met or dated in the event, but to the organizers and that too at the end of the event. A participant also doesn’t give away any contact details during the date.

Once the organizers match the feedback of the participants, they inform the participants of the common interests and their contact details. So, you get access to only those people’s contact details whom you have liked and who too have expressed interest in you.

For these sort of events, the organizers of the event open doors for advance registration for men and women. So, in most of the cases you can participate in such an event only if you have an advance registration. Though, sometimes walk-in’s are also accepted to balance the ratio of the male and female participants.

You can also find online speed dating events. Some business speed dating events are also organized for people who own a business. Business speed dating works as a networking event for such businessmen.

Speed dating is a good option to meet new people and is free of many drawbacks of normal dating system. It provides you a safe way of interaction, it’s time efficient and saves you from the embarrassment or jeopardy of selecting or rejecting someone on the face.