Some Good Options For Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Our day begins from our bathroom. All of us want our bathroom to be magnificent and special. Tiling is the most important element to make your bathroom look splendid. Tiling your bathroom is an art, so choosing the right tile is extremely important to give your bathroom the desired look you want.

Before selecting the right tile for your bathroom, the things which are to be taken into consideration are type of tiles you want to use for your bathroom, tile size and number of tiles that will be required.

From wide range of tiles with unlimited color and design available in the market, choosing the right tile for your bathroom will only be possible when you have decided a theme for your bathroom. When you have a specific idea, you can spice up your private space very well by choosing the right color and design that gives perfect expression to your dream theme. You want a specious, bright or sparkling clean bathroom or your choice is a luxurious bathroom with beautiful mosaic design; it all depends upon the right selection of bathroom tiles. This is possible only when you know about the options available for your dream project.

Tile options for Bathroom

If you are looking for tiles that are durable, resistant to dampness and can be cleaned easily, then ceramic tile is the best option for your bathroom. Select ceramic tiles that are slip-resistant to ensure safety. They are available in various colors and shapes like square, hexagon, rectangle and octagons along with some narrow and diamond shaped pieces. You can make your bathroom more interesting by using contrast colors for floor and borders.

Another interesting idea is to choose a grout color that contrasts with the tile color. If you want to give your bathroom a contemporary look, use bold and bright color tiles. Use stylish accessories and fixtures to bring a modern look to your bathroom.

If you want to give romantic or Victorian feel to your bathroom, use soft color floral tiles like pink, light blue or green with same color ceramic accessories.

If you want to give your bathroom a Mediterranean look, then use a mixture of Mexican hand painted tiles and terra-cotta tiles.

Bathroom is the room that sets your mood in the morning. And color is a great deciding factor in setting our mood. So selecting the right tile color is very important. If you are fun loving, use warm colors like yellow or peach. If you want your bathroom to look bright and specious, white is a good option. They will reflect lot of light. For cool and peaceful atmosphere, use green, blue or violet colors. Dark color tile can be used in the bathroom with big windows and natural lighting.