Smoking and Asthma

Asthma and smoking are very closely related to each other. It is a well known fact that cigarette smoking results in asthma attack. It is not the cigarette that causes asthma, but cigarette smoke that causes asthma.

Anyone, who gets into contact with the cigarette smoke, whether he/she is a smoker or not, can face the problem of asthma.

An attack of asthma occurs when the airways of an individual become inflamed and irritated. Among many kinds of triggers of asthma, cigarette smoke is very dominant. An asthmatic is a person whose airways are very sensitive.

Hence, any kind of irritating stimulant such as smoke of cigarette or any other harmful air pollutant may cause reaction in the airways of a person, thus leading to asthma attack or wheezing.

The smoke of cigarette is no doubt very dangerous and can worsen the condition of asthma. Cigarette smoke is even dangerous than tobacco smoke, thus affecting the asthmatic patient very severely.

An individual who lives with a smoker is very much likely to be affected by asthma due to the exposure to cigarette smoke. Any trace of cigarette smoke on the clothes of a smoker may cause irritation in the airways of the other person, thus resulting in an attack of asthma.

It is highly recommended for the pregnant women to remain away from cigarette smoking. They themselves should not smoke at all for the sound health of the baby. Also, secondary cigarette smoke should be avoided to avoid any risk.

Cigarette smoke is very harmful for the baby and may result in higher rate of mortality and low weight of the baby at the time of birth. The baby is at the higher risk of getting asthma attack in the future if the mother is exposed to cigarette smoke at the time of pregnancy.

By going through the above discussion it is very clear that smoking is very bad not only for the smoker, but also for the people who live around the smoker.

Therefore, a smoker should leave smoking for his and his family’s healthy life. Also, it is recommended to explain the harmful impact of smoking to your near and dear ones, so that they also stop smoking.