Skin Care Tips for Newborn Babies

New born babies have very sensitive skin; their skin are very thin, delicate and less oily than adults. As their immune system is immature they easily get infected and suffer from irritants and injuries. Here are some skin care tips for babies of new parents following which they can give their baby best skin care.

Keep the skin of your baby clean and dry. Cut back on the number of bath you give to your baby in a week, if baby’s skin remains dry. Use only the creams and powders that are especially meant for babies. Powders or oils containing perfume or chemicals can cause irritation on babies’ skin.

Do not dress up your baby with tight fitting clothes. Choose soft, loose fitting clothes for your baby. Don’t cover the baby with too many clothes when you are in a warm place like market, inside the car or cozy home. New baby clothes should be washed in hypoallergenic detergent or soap especially made for babies.

Don’t expose the baby to direct sunlight, if he or she is younger than six months. Wear sunscreen before bringing them out in the sun. Even if they are wearing sunscreen, do not keep them for long hours in the sun. Make them wear hats, loose fitting clothes and glasses to protect from direct sunlight.  They will be vulnerable to sun burn. Sometimes too much exposure to sun between 10 am to 2 pm can develop risk of skin cancer some time later in their life.

Give your baby a tub bath only after umbilical cord falls off. It takes approximately a month. Weekly bath is enough for an infant. There is no need to give daily bath; instead take care to clean baby’s face and bottom everyday. Use a dampen cloth or cotton balls to clean the face and head gently.

If you are living in a country where weather is hot, the baby can suffer from prickly heat or heat rashes if over dressed. Baby will develop rashes when pores are not open properly, especially on the neck, on the back, chest or even on the scalp. Here baby needs cool bath and cleaning regularly. Loose cotton clothing is essential for the baby.

Use baby cream and baby lotion to keep the baby’s skin moisturized.  Try to keep your baby dry. Don’t wear the baby diaper all the time; instead use cloth nappies made of cotton. Change them as soon as they are wet. Keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy.