Simple Workout Routines You Can Try Out At Home

tips for workout at home Want to work out in a gym and yet always find some kind of excuse to not to? Too shy or uncomfortable to work out in front of others? Or too pressed for time to attend fitness sessions on a regular basis?

If you fall into any one of these categories, then there is no need for worry. Here are a few really cool tips on how you can manage to build your very own fitness regime within the comfort of your home.

Experts believe that fitness regimes would work only according to personality types. Accordingly, there are individuals who like to work out in groups. And then there are some individuals who prefer to work out alone but just can’t seem to find the right way to do it. Well, here’s a couch potato workout plan that will enable you to attain the same level of fitness you would achieve in a gym or training session; inside your house.

The trick to this particular plan is to look around the house and scout for places that would give you the opportunity to exercise your body. You may not know it but you can create the perfect and complete body workout regime sans any fitness equipment in your home. Here’s how you do it!

Ever remember those days of running up and down staircases? Well why not try that now? Staircases are wonderful equipments for fitness and help you in more areas than one. These include balance, flexibility, muscle coordination, strength training, endurance improvement and cardiovascular workout etc.

If you want to lose weight fast, walk up and down the stairs at least a couple of times in a day. It also pays to run up and down the stairs with some weights attached to your body. You can also use the staircase in your home for squats, incline pushups and decline pushups (note: the last two options would require professional help).

Certain muscles in the body need to be attended to throughout the day instead of just during a workout. Accordingly, the legs, abdomen and spine require regular, round the clock exercises which can be ahieved by following these routines.

Always make it a point to sit straight without any kind of back support. Sitting in this posture for about half hour a day (three times) would keep your body free of back problems. Likewise, whenever you get up or sit down in a chair, avoid using the arm rests or supports. Use your leg muscles for balance and support. This in turn would make them stronger.

Regular breathing exercises are a must when it comes to relaxing those big muscles. You can inhale through your nose and keep your breath for about 3 counts before exhaling from the mouth. Try to keep your tummy tucked in at regular intervals to work on the abdomen.

Keep your fists clenched for five seconds before relaxing them. Apply the same practise on the forehead, forearms, biceps, shoulders, abdomen, knees, calves and feet etc.

Stretching exercises are best done with the help of a sturdy support. And what better medium than the walls in your house for the same? You can chalk out a complete body stretch regime using the walls in your house in order to target areas like the back muscles, calves, triceps, oblique muscles, chest and shoulders etc.

One particular exercise would include lying on your back and straightening your legs against the wall. You can then slide both legs down to maximum height possible all the while making sure that both legs are at the same level.
You can also opt for pushups against the wall which are relatively easier when compared to the normal ones. If you have a Swiss ball in your home, you can use it do squats and leg raises against the wall.

The chairs in your home can also act as fitness equipments that enable you to target your abdomen, chest, triceps, and of course, legs! You can opt for leg raises which would involve sitting down on a strong chair, lifting your legs to a 90° angle and maintaining the same for about 30 seconds (you can increase the time with practise).

Alternatively, you can also lift your legs while keeping the knees bent at a 90° angle while making sure to lift your upper torso and touch your toes with the hands.

Tricep dips and squats can also be performed on chairs in order to strengthen the muscles in the body in addition to working on glutes and hamstrings. Who says you can’t work out while working? You can make use of the time spent in everyday chores to do some fruitful exercises.

For example, marching in place while washing the dishes will enable you to get two jobs done at the same time (the dishes and your exercise). You can also opt for calf exercises which would involve lifting yourself up until you are in your tip toes and maintaining the position for 20 counts. Repeat the same at regular intervals.

Ever pressed weights with a laundry basket? Well, you should definitely try it then. A laundry basket filled with clothes can double as a wonderful exercise apparatus for the arms.

Accordingly, you can lift the laundry basket above your head and then lower it back down. Keep repeating the same for 30 counts each. This particular routine will work wonders for your arms, shoulders and back. You can also lie down flat on your back, place the basket near your chest area and lift it up and down for 20 counts.

Almost all of us get inspired by watching fitness videos which make the whole process of slimming down easy and fun. You can also opt for exergaming, a new form of fitness routine that combines workouts with games in order to make it easier for people to shed kilos while playing their favorite games.
Choose a good DVD (of the category that pleases you) which woud enable you to have fun while working out. This in turn would prompt you to continue with the regime instead of giving up after a while.

Another option to lose weight this way would be to dance to some of your favorite tunes. No one’s watching you and so you don’t need to be afraid of being criticised for your dance moves. Pop in a pulsating dance CD that contains your favorite tracks, turn on the volume and just let go! You will be amazed at how many kilos you lose without knowing it!