Simple Ways to Boost your Energy

ways-to-boost-your-energy In today’s high speed world where people are over stretched, sleep deprived- every one experience all out energy drain. When they return from their work, they look completely exhausted. They show hardly any interest in watching a movie, shopping or enjoying a party. Now the question arises how to recharge ourselves when we are totally exhausted. Here are some simple energy booster which are unique ways to see your energy level soar.

Intake of magnesium

Your vitamin and mineral needs are met by eating balanced diet. If still you feel tired after returning from the work you may have magnesium deficiency. So increase the intake of magnesium in your food. Add some cashews, almonds and hazel nut in your diet. Eat more whole grains and cereals. Include fish in your diet.

Walk Around

According to some experts increasing physical activity- like Walking gives us more energy when we are exhausted. A10 minutes of brisk walk gives us so much energy, that it’s effect can last for two hours. And when you continue it for two month you will definitely boost up with greater energy.

Take a powerful nap

Pushing our brains day and night also zap our energy, Doctors say that , if we can take power nap for an hour it will help us to boost our energy and refresh our mind. We can retain what we have learned.

Don’t Miss any Meal

If you miss any of the meal, especially breakfast, you will fill tired at the end of the day.

Reduce Anger and Stress

Stress and anger are the biggest energy zappers they leave people completely exhausted. So control your anger and anxiety. Try to relax listening music. Playing with children or whatever you like to do while relaxing. It will reduce tension and boost up your energy.

Drink Sufficient (8to10) glass of water

Water is most essential in boosting up your energy. It hydrates your body fills you up with energy. But if you are alcohol consumer then reduce its intake during evening hours. After drinking alcohol even after a full 8 hours of sleep you will fill fatigue.

Plan your Diet

Eliminate the foods having excess sugar, in sufficient protein and non- alkaline food which saps your energy. Instead include leafy green vegetables, whole grains and protein based food which can boost up your energy.