Silk Clothing: Easy Care Tips

Producing natural silk is a costly affair and it is laborious too. It is a beautiful fabric and clothes made from it look very elegant.

For these reasons the cost of this natural fabric is quite high. Naturally you should take special care of your costly, delicate as well as elegant fabric to enhance its life.

Garments made from natural silk are costly and rare. So be careful while handling your silk garments. If you take care of your garments well they’ll need less number of washing. Hand wash is best suited for silk. Take a very mild detergent and mix it in plenty of water.

You may also take shampoo instead of detergent for cleaning silk fabric. Do not soak your silk garments in water or soapy water for a long time. Instead wash it immediately. If there is hard water in your locality then use borax in the water to get rid of its hardness.

Chlorine that is used to purify water is harmful for the silk, especially for white silk. So wash your silk garments as little as possible. Perspiration, chemicals (perfumes, hair spray and other cosmetics) are harmful for silk. So after using perfumes let the place dry first and then wear the garments.

Do not keep the garments inside the wardrobe immediately after removing them from the body because your garments have already blotted the sweat and perspiration off your body. First dry it in open air and then keep it inside the wardrobe. Perspiration and prolonged exposure under the sun can make your silk dull, yellow and shine less.

Nowadays, there are special types of silk garments that are manufactured in such a way that, they can be washed in machine. But keep it in mind that use the delicate cycle and mildest detergent at the time of washing. Wash colored silk separately. For drying purpose hang silk garments on padded hangers and hang them in open air. But avoid direct sunlight which is harmful for the silk.

Drying silk garment in shade is recommended. Do not use drier for drying purpose as excessive heat may fade the color of the garments. Next stage is ironing. Iron your silk garments inside out while they’re still damp and the setting of the iron should be “silk” or “cool setting”. But for the very expensive silk garments it is better to take the professional help.