Signs He Really Like You – Find Out!

Relationships are indeed the foundation of modern human society. Not only do they define our behaviors but they also give a definite shape and direction to our lives. However, everything is not as rosy as it sounds! When you wish to get into a relationship with a man, you tend to look for signs; signs that would drop you a hint about whether he is romantically inclined towards you or not.

Nonetheless, just because you have a crush on him, does not mean that he would have a crush on you as well! A number of times when women have to suddenly face the horror of rejection, they fall into a mental trap and stop trusting guys and themselves completely! Thereby, it is better to identify beforehand if a guy is really interested in you or not! Here are a few signs which will help you determine his attitude towards you. If these exist, rest assured, he does not like you!

Is he usually around you? If he is not, he does not like you for sure! It is said that a man conveys his intentions through his actions rather than words.  More so, he loves to spend most of his time with the woman he admires! So, if he is not hanging around you, he is certainly not interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

Does he talk to you? If a man likes a woman, he will find ways to talk to her. These talks can be just about anything ranging from your common interests to your mutual friends and from your past experiences to even the weather! He would want to know your opinion on everything that matters to him. If he doesn’t ask you for one, rest assured, he does not want you.

Follow his body language. Does he maintain eye contact with you? Does he steal cursory glances at you? If he does not, he is certainly not into you at all! The body language of the guy reveals how much he loves a girl.  He always listens to what she says and looks at her in the eye. If your guy is not doing this, he is simply not trying to attract you!

It is always better to look for these three major signs before you decide to advance with your feelings. After all, it is better to identify what’s in his heart before he gets a chance to reject you! And even if he does, do not worry. There is an entire world full of relationships, waiting to be explored!