Significance Of Mental Health

Health is wealth which cannot be complete unless all the areas of an individual’s health are taken into consideration.

Whenever we talk about health we usually mean physical health but what we forget or overlook is that mental health is also an important aspect of our total health system and without mental wellness one cannot be called fit. Therefore in recent times mental health and mental wellness are being researched upon to find out the symptoms and causes that indicate mental problems.

Physical health is something that is manifested through body functions and overt physical reactions. But mental health to a great extent becomes abstract as it cannot be measured. Yet recent psychological tests have tried to quantify the extent of mental wellness.

Mental health refers to the cognitive, emotive and rational functioning which gets reflected in an individual’s day to day activities, social functioning as well as handling of various stressful situations. Being mentally healthy means to be able to deal with stress and tensions effectively; different individuals may react differently to the same stress busters yet this depends upon the mental immunity which an individual develops within himself/herself through mature survival strategies.

Mental health depends upon a lot of factors; while some severe mental diseases may be attributed to genetic or chemical imbalance in the brain other types of mental distresses like depression, anxiety, panic etc. depend upon the individual’s capacity to deal with adverse situations.

Lack of a mental disorder doesn’t essentially mean being mentally healthy. One needs to be aware about the mental health factors and also about how physical and mental health becomes interdependent. There are various psychosomatic disorders which happen due to lack of mental wellness. Stress and tension are common reasons for cardiac and hypertension problems. Therefore mental health becomes absolutely indispensable for one’s overall well being and proper functioning.

Mental health may get hampered with age as the brain cells start to degenerate in many aging individuals. Health problems and substance abuse also disturbs mental health.

Personal choice is a big factor in mental health; one needs to have the will power to deal with problems effectively as nobody’s life is bereft of problems. Handling stress, tensions and daily hassles become effective through a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep, rest, regular exercise, yoga, breathing exercises, maintaining healthy relationships, being optimistic and a health, balanced diet.