Short Hairstyles for Men

short-hairstyles-for-men Hair style makes lot of difference to one’s personality. For a larger percent of men, short hair style suits more than any other style. It involves more than mere tapering through the back and sides. In fact, there are different types of short hair styles.

In the bowl cut, a bit longer hair is left on the top of the head while the remaining portion contains shorter hair. As a result, it assumes the shape of a bowl.

On the other hand, in buzz cut, hair is kept very short uniformly over the head. This style is easy to have and to maintain and also give a trendy look.

Official persons generally prefer business man’s cut, wherein hair on the back and sides of the head are tapered off while hair is kept at a better length at the top. If styling wax is used, the damp hair will give a neat look.

Rock disco type of hairstyle is bit different as it is short on the top and in the front but long over the ears. People with healthy and thick hair look good in this cut.

As the name suggests, the thin razor cut style gives a thin razored look, which gives a stylish look for guys having coarse hair. Styling wax or moulding cream adds to the look. Shaping is important for this style, one should avail the services of a professional.

Face shape and hair type are important consideration for choosing such a style. A short hair style has benefits. It is easy to style and maintain. Also very curly hair looks straight when hair is kept reasonably short.

Men having dry and flaky scalps can have this style. However, there is a note of caution, if a man has curly hair; he should not try the razor-cut style because it will make his hair curlier and harder to control when the hair grows longer. So, the tip is, choose a style according to one’s personality.