Sharing Bolsters Sense Of Connectivity

teach-your-kids Sharing is an art through which two individuals learn to enjoy a particular thing without fighting to become the first user. This art should be developed in children from the beginning of their childhood so that they may not become selfish.

Usually, if a kid wants something, he becomes so excited that his body language tells that he won’t give up unless he gets it. Once he possesses his desired item, he will refrain from sharing it with his siblings or friends. Gradually, it becomes his habit not to share his belongings with others and if he is forced to do so, you can clearly see the unwillingness in his eyes or even sometimes quirk behavior.

You cannot share with strangers, but you don’t mid sharing with the one who is closely connected to you. Relationship develops mutual understanding and the practice of giving and taking, so you should adopt this philosophy while brining up your children.

As a parent, when you ask your kid to give his toy, he doesn’t hesitate to hand it over because he knows whenever he seeks anything, you never let him down. Your entire exercise should be to develop this sense of connectivity in your kid with his siblings, friends and acquaintances.

By nature, children like sharing and they do it in a playful manner. But you are supposed to return his belongings as soon as you take it from your kid. If you will delay in returning his items, he will start crying. So, convey him that although you enjoy his belongings very much but you will return them. This is how your kid learns to share a particular thing turn by turn.

However, if your kid does not feel connected with you, then you would have to make hard attempt to help him break out his shell. This usually happens when both parents are working and they hardly get time to spend with their kid. This makes the child feel alone and dejected because he does not find anybody to share his feelings and emotions.

At times, the child may make it evident to his working parents that if they don’t care about him then he too doesn’t give importance to them. The relation between parents and kid becomes strenuous. Hence, such parents must take out ample time for their kids to give them a feeling of comfort and security.

Yogesh Mishra