Seven Exclusive Tips For Buying Carpet

buying carpet A carpet is one of the necessary items of your house decor. It increases the beauty and color in your room and add warmth. But choosing a carpet is a daunting task especially when you are the first time buyer.

Moreover a carpet is a costly thing. So think twice before investing money in this expensive product. Placing right type of carpet in the right place is the actual art. Try to accumulate knowledge over carpet before buying this product. This article may help you to choose the right type of carpet for your use.

Type of the Carpet

The most expensive and classical carpet is made of wool. Wool is a natural ingredient. It is durable and soft. If you can take proper care a woolen carpet runs generation after generation. That why its costly and worthy to buy for your room.

These days high quality synthetic fiber is being used to make the carpet. They are comparatively less expensive and easy to maintain. Synthetic fiber that is being used in this type of carpet is stain free  and crush resistant. Synthetic fiber being cheap in nature has become affordable to most of the people.

Right Color and Pattern

Choosing the right color of the carpet is the most important thing. Before buying the carpet think for which room you are going to buy the carpet. If it is for a very small room never go for the dark color because it will make the room visually narrower. But if you place there a light color carpet, it will make your room visually wider.

For this reason a light color carpet is appropriate in everywhere all the time and this is the main reason for which ivory and beige color carpet has become the best selling carpet in the world. Another important factor that plays an important role while choosing the color of the carpet is the amount of light in your room.

If your room is already dark and get very little sunlight, do not make it darker by placing dark color carpet. Plain light color carpet is appropriate for the room which gets very little sunlight at day time. Some people have natural fondness on complicated pattern of the carpet. But do not go for the complicated pattern if you have small and dark room. In wide and sunny room you have much more option. You can place there any thing of any color and any pattern.

Placing the Right Carpet

Before buying the carpet choose for which room you are going to buy the carpet. In bedroom where traffic is very low you can place there expensive and hand woven Persian carpet. These things can not tolerate heavy traffic and cleaning process of this type of carpet is very complicated.

Do not place a very expensive one in your living room where you will meet your guests and will spend your extra time in leisure and place. In this room there is a great chance of getting stain from various sources – foot prints, mud from your guests’ shoes, spill over food and sauce and many more things. For stair case, corridor and living and dining go for the cheaper variety. Nowadays various synthetic fiber-made carpets have become available in the market.

They are cheap but durable and can stand heavy traffic. Moreover they are easy to clean. Carpets of these areas need cleaning very often because they get foot prints and soil mark very often. Go for patterned one because pattern helps to hide footprints and dirt.

In market there are two types of carpet – padded and unpadded. Always go for padded one in staircase, corridor and living room. Padding increases the longevity of the carpet. If your carpet has no padding, hire experts and fit padding underneath the carpet.


Budget is perhaps the most important factor of buying carpet. Do not go for the cheapest one because they will not last long and will force you to buy another new one again after a short period. On the other hand if you buy a very costly one, it will create a heavy pressure on your pocket. Moreover you will not like to rough use your carpet because of its heavy price. So to balance the both side buy the medium range carpet.

Reputed shop and Brand

When you buy the carpet, buy it from the reputed shop and the branded one. Choose those brands that have earlier been bought by your other family members or friends. Branded carpet may be little more expensive but you can trust it.

On the other hand unbranded carpet may be comparatively cheaper but it is your luck whether you are getting the good one or not.  If you buy carpet from the reputed shop, post buying service will be easier because reputed company generally give one cleaning service free. Get carpet cleaning tips from them.


Keep a small sample of the carpet you are going to buy. After getting the delivery, check whether they have delivered the same color and density carpet that you have chosen in the shop. Generally reputed shop will not change their order.

Measurement of the carpet

Measurement of the room where you are going to place the carpet is very important. If you want to place the wall to wall carpet, then remove all the furniture from the room and then measure the length and width of the room. If you can not measure call the professionals to measure the exact length. Shortness in wall to wall style is really an embarrassing thing where as unnecessary extra portion of the carpet will create extra pressure on your pocket.

Now a days carpet of different shapes and qualities are available in the market. You can use that for the beautification of the room. You may use two separate carpets in your drawing room to separate living and dining space. When you are placing wall to wall carpet, do not forget to use pad underneath every furniture otherwise it will damage your carpet very quickly.

These are the main things that should be kept in mind before buying the carpet. Do not get nervous and confused. Just use your common sense before buying your carpet. Bring your first carpet and enjoy its beauty.