Repair Your Dentures

repair-your-dentures In the course of time you lose your teeth due to various reasons and same is the case of dentures, you can lose them accidentally at any time. It looks awkward if a person uses dentures and he has to walk without them due to the breakage of dentures.

Dentures can be repaired or replaced in a short span of time. There are various dental clinics which provide dental repair service and nowadays you can fix your dentures yourself by using the denture repair kit available in the market. But it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking any step if you do not want to compromise with your teeth and dentures.

Different kind of repairs

Partial denture repair, fixed denture repair, replace broken denture tooth, getting duplicate denture, denture cleaning and polishing are done in the denture repair service centres. The centres which make self help denture repair kit are considered illegal often. So before going for a do it yourself repair kit think more and do what you think is better for you.

How to repair dentures

Dentures get damaged when they fall or something hard when hurts them. They get cracked or chipped. Seek help of the dentist if you want it as a satisfactory job. You may not be able to go for repair as soon as it breaks. So store the dentures in room temperature water. Keep every broken pieces of denture. Adhesives are used to join the broken pieces and if a tooth is missing it is replaced by another. The time consuming depends upon how much the damage is done.

Keep it in mind

People prefer denture repair kit over dental clinics because it can be done instantly at the time of breakage, it consumes less time and on top of that it is very cheap then seeing a dentist again. But if it is not done properly the gum tissue may get damaged and you can get infections. So before doing anything on your own, think what will be better for you.