Renovating Your Kitchen on a Shoestring Budget

The lady of the house tends to spend most of her waking time in the kitchen. It is little wonder then that she might want to re-decorate her personal space once in a while. Renovating the kitchen is an easy task if you have an idea of what you want. The only constraint can be your budget. But let this not deter you from re-fixing your kitchen. With a little planning you can renovate your kitchen on a shoestring budget.

The color on the wall of a kitchen suffers the most. The heat from gas, microwave or oven tends to spoil the color making it appear pale and dull. To bring back the cheer in your kitchen re-paint the walls.

Choose from color styles that are current. And while you are painting the walls you can re-paint the kitchen cabinets as well if they can be painted. Painting the walls will give the kitchen a new look without costing exorbitant amount of money.

Check your kitchen cabinets. Perhaps it’s time to change them. Any material that is used for preparing the cabinets tends to spoil after long use. Today there is inexpensive yet good quality hardware available to prepare the kitchen cabinets from. Changing the cabinets will not cost you much and will also give your kitchen a new lease of life.

You can re-fix the lights in your kitchen especially if you have had them for the past decade. You even have the option of using your old wiring to install new lights. Get small lights fixed inside the cabinets and on top of the gas stove. This will leave you with a brighter and modern looking kitchen.

If you have faucets of yesteryears replace them with the modern and stylish faucets. You don’t even need to call a plumber to do this for you. You will save on the plumber’s cost and make the kitchen sink look better as well.

You can add a new touch to the kitchen floor by laying vinyl tiles. You will have to hire help to do this job if the kitchen floor is in a bad state. However, if the floor is clean and not broken at any place then even you can lay self-adhesive vinyl tiles on the floor. Vinyl tiles aren’t very expensive and will make the kitchen look neat and new.